Get Ready for 2016 TCS Talent Show (12/17)


这个表演是中文学校一项传统的年度活动, 是各位同学展示才华的最好时机!

1. 每个节目可以是单人,也可以是多人(两人及以上)表演;
2. 首席表演者必须是中文学校学生,其他表演者可以是同学,朋友,老师或家长;
3. 每個学生最多只可以参加两个节目;
4. 每个节目限时5分钟;
5. 表演內容和形式不限。才艺可以是语言或方言(如相声),乐器表演,声乐,舞蹈,魔术,杂技或其他形式。
6. 为了确保节目的质量,每个节目都需要通过预演评审。

请有兴趣的同学在請在12月1日前填好报名表,并交给唐虹(校长,, 509-528-7718)或 陈念洪(理事长,, 410-422-1296) 。如有问题,欢迎咨询他们。




Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,

To show our students’ talent and celebrate the holiday, our school will host “TCS Got Talent 2016” at 2:30-4 PM on December 17, 2016 (Saturday). This show is traditionally the most significant event for the school and everybody had great fun in past years. We believe everybody has his or her talent and this is the opportunity to show your talent to our TCS fellows!

The basic rules for participation is as follows:
1. Each act is either individual or group-based (two or more performers).
2. Leading performer must be TCS student. Other performers can be parents, teachers, or friends.
3. One student can participate in no more than two shows.
4. For each show, the time limit is 5 minutes
5. Show Scope: language/dialect, musical instrument playing, vocal, dance, magic show, acrobat, talk show, etc.
6. To make sure the content and quality are appropriate, all shows are subject to screening.

Please complete the sign-up form and send it to Hong Tang (Principal,, 509-528-7718) or Nianhong Chen (Board Chair,, 410-422-1296) before the deadline (December 1). Feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Download the sign-up form:Talent_show_form_2016

It’s show time again!

TCS Board