Parents Rights

  • VotingAll parents and legal guardian of a TCS student who is under the age of eighteen (18) and currently enrolled in any class at TCS are eligible for general membership of TCS. All members of TCS have right to vote on the General Membership Meetings. The general membership of TCS and voting rights are defined in the TCS BYLAWS.
  • Parents or legal guardian who meets certain requirements are eligible candidates for nomination of the TCS Board of Directors. The eligibility for nomination of TCS Board of Directors and the voting process are also specified in TCS BYLAWS.

Parents Volunteering Policy

  • Parent volunteersTo ensure TCS students’ safety and an appropriate environment for the classes, the school needs three parents on each school day as the hallway patrol. Each of the students’ parents needs to sign up for at least one hallway patrol per school semester or serving as volunteers on one school event activities.
  • Hallway patrols should sign in at the beginning of the school session. Responsibilities of hallway patrol include but not limited to: 1) Ensuring students following general school rules before, between and after classes; 2) Monitor and prevent students from activating any emergency device in the hallway and any other facility that TCS is using during regular school time, report such incident to the TCS Board immediately if it occurs; 3) Monitor and prevent students from making mess in the hallway and any other facility that TCS uses during regular school time, ask the student to clean up any mess if it occurs. If the mess is beyond simple cleaning, report to the TCS Board immediately; 4) Monitor and prevent student from running, chasing and making loud noise in the hallway during the regular school time; 5) During class time, pay attention to students who come out of the classroom, monitor them until they go back to the classroom.
  • For all volunteering members, we will randomly select a certain number of lucky volunteers at the end of the semester and award them with gifts or gift cards.

Other Parents Responsibilities

  • Parents/legal guardian shall provide correct information when registering their children. Parents/legal guardian should inform the school should any information regarding communication has changed.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/legal guardian to provide commute for their student(s). Please follow traffic regulations and the school’s parking instructions.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/legal guardian to escort students to the classroom on time. Parents should leave only after they have sent students to the teacher of the class. To ensure the safety of children, parents/legal guardian should pick up students on time after class.
  • Parents/legal guardian may offer help during teaching activities and school events upon request by the teacher.
  • Parents/legal guardian have the obligations to maintain the school as a safe and clean learning center.
  • Parent/legal guardian should report to your teacher or school staff directly if an issue from student(s) emerges.
  • To ensure a safe learning environment, parents/legal guardian should emphasize safety issues with their children at home. Students should always follow school regulations and directions from teachers or other school staff. If the school has proof on fulfilling responsibilities on safety education and management, the school will be released from any liabilities in case of accidents.
  • In case of absence, parents/legal guardian shall inform the teacher in advance.
  • Parents/legal guardian should guide students to finish their homework when help is requested. Parents/legal guardian may be required to sign their children’s homework.
  • Parents/legal guardian are not allowed to distribute posters, commercial ads, sell any items or hold private parties/events without permission from school.
  • In the case of emergency, parents/legal guardian should follow the instructions from the school administration and offer help.
  • The school reserves the right to refuse the admission of students whose parents/legal guardian have repeatedly violated TCS regulations.

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