SCA Officers & Events

Current SCA Officers (updated on June 4, 2018):

  • 主席(President): 郦俊捷 George Lee
  • 副主席 (VP): 张浩天 Andrew Zhang
  • 秘书(Secretary): 郑子琳 Zilin Zheng
  • 财务(Treasurer): 郦敏婕 Jennifer Lee
  • 档案(Historian): 王凯 Kai Wang
  • 宣传(Publicist): 涂诗扬 Michael Tu
  • 出纳(Cashier): 郑裕楠 Wendy Zheng
  • 班级代表(Class Representatives): 胡瑞丝 Grace Hu,何颖珊 Joanna He


In the fall 2017 semester, TCS Student Council Association (SCA) has made: 

  • Food Donation 66lb to Food Bank
  • Cloth Donation 315 pieces to Salvation Army
  • Cash Donation $200 to CHKD
  • Volunteering: 61 People for 339 Hours



SCA has organized several community volunteering events in Spring 2018.  These include Food and Clothes Drive, International Children’s Festival (April 20), Asian Fest (May 26), Norfolk Botanical Garden Lantern Show, Clean the Bay (June 2).