SCA Officers & Events

Current SCA Officers (updated on Aug 4, 2022):

  • 主席 (President): 秦菲 Faith Qin
  • 副主席 (VP): 涂诗柳 Maggie Tu
  • 宣传委员 (Publicist): 宋文卿 Kailani Song
  • 书记员 (Secretary): 应承爱 Elizabeth Ying
  • 财务 (Treasurer): 卢佳琪 Erica Lu
  • 档案员 (Historian): 何佳璇 Luna He
  • 出纳 (Cashier): 唐亮 Leo Tang
  • 班级代表(Class Representatives): 江维尔 Will Jiang,江凯文 Kevin Jiang,朱俞童 Stella Zhu

In Fall 2022, TCS Student Council Association (SCA) Organized the Following Events: 

  • College Application Q & A
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
  • Double-Ninth Festival Infographic
  • Movie Nights: 1). Violet Evergarden; 2). White Snake
            • Thanksgiving Teacher Appreciation Video
            • Designed the poster for the 2023 Asian Festival
            • Hosted the Tidewater Chinese School 2023 Talent Show

The following events are scheduled for Spring 2023. Winter Memories Video; Chinese Lantern Festival; Clothing Drive; Book Swap; Clean the Bay; High School Application Q & A. Stay tuned!