Parents Code of Conduct

Subject: Parents Code of Conduct
TCS – Tidewater Chinese School
TCS Board of Directors
Passed on September 6, 2015

In order to maintain an orderly, respectful and secure educational environment for the students and staff of the Tidewater Chinese School (TCS), it is essential that all parents/legal guardian to our school follow the TCS bylaws and rules, be aware of their responsibilities, and adhere to the expected code of conduct.

Parents are expected to:

1. All parents/guardians voluntarily send their child(ren) to TCS and waive all liability claims against the school, the teachers, other staff, and board members.
2. Ensure a safe learning environment, parents/legal guardian should emphasize safety issues with their children at home and educate students that they shall always follow school regulations and directions from teachers or other school staff.
3. Provide complete and accurate information when registering their children. Inform the school any change in information regarding communication.
4. It is the responsibility of parents/legal guardian to provide commuting for their student(s). Please follow traffic regulations and the school’s parking instructions.
5. It is the responsibility of parents/legal guardian to escort students to the classroom on time. Parents/legal guardian shall leave only after students are sent to the teacher of the class.
6. To ensure the safety of children, parents/legal guardian shall pick up students on time after class is dismissed.
7. Parents/legal guardian may offer help during teaching activities and school events upon request by the teacher.
8. Parents/legal guardian have the obligations to maintain the school as clean learning center.
9. Parent/legal guardian shall report to the teacher or school staff directly if an issue from student(s) emerges.
10. In case of absence, parents/legal guardian shall inform the teacher in writing in advance.
11. When requested by the teacher, parents/legal guardian should guide students to finish their homework. Parents/legal guardian may be required to sign their children’s homework.
12. In the case of emergency, parents/legal guardian should follow the instructions from the school administration and offer help.
13. The school reserves the right to refuse the admission of students whose parents/legal guardian have repeatedly violated TCS regulations.

Conduct Prohibited on School Property

No person shall:

1. Intentionally injure any other person or threaten to do so.
2. Intentionally damage or destroy school property or the property of a teacher, administrator, or any other person lawfully on school property.
3. Disrupt the orderly conduct of classes, school programs or other school activities.
4. Distribute or wear materials on school grounds or at school functions that are obscene, advocate illegal action, appear libelous, obstruct the rights of others, or are disruptive to the school program.
5. Intimidate, harass or discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
6. Enter any portion of the school premises without authorization or remain in any building or facility after it is normally closed.
7. Obstruct the free movement of any person in any place to which this code applies.
8. Violate the traffic laws, parking regulations or other restrictions of vehicles.
9. Possess, consume, sell, distribute or exchange alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or be under the influence of either on school property or at a school function.
10. Possess or use weapons in or on school property or at school function, except in the case of law enforcement officers.
11. Gamble on school property or at school functions.
12. Distribute posters, commercial ads, sell any items or hold private parties/events without permission from school.
13. Willfully incite others to commit any of the acts prohibited by this code.

Persons in violation of the Code of Conduct

1. The school reserves the right to refuse the admission of students whose parents/legal guardian have repeatedly violated TCS regulations.
2. In case of a violation, parents/legal guardian are warned, or asked to leave the school properties. If they refuse to leave, they shall be subject to ejection.
3. The TCS authority reserves its right to pursue a civil or criminal legal action against any person violating the code.