Roger Huang Award


Roger Huang Excellence in Chinese Education & Services Award (黄韧激中文教学贡献奖) recognizes teachers who have provided years of continuous high-quality Chinese language education to students at Tidewater Chinese School.

2017 Awardees:

十年贡献奖 (≥10 years of service)

吴琳 Linda Wu
陈素英 Suying C. Lam
李新荷 Lily Li
廉洁 Jie Lian
朱冰 Bing Zhu

五年贡献奖 (≥5 years of service)

郭欣 Cindy Guo
王玲 Ling Wang
谢波 Bonnie Xie
谢贤亮 Xianliang Xie
赵永立 Yongli Zhao
王晶 Jing Wang
胡瑞珍 Ruth Hu
王纯 Chun Wang
吴淼 Miao Wu
任中棠 Zhongtang Ren