President Volunteer Service Award Application Policy


Tidewater Chinese School (TCS) is a certified Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA, 总统义工奖) organization that recognizes and awards members (家长,学生,助教,老师,或以家庭为单位) for their outstanding achievements for volunteer service. We also help to apply for President’s Volunteer Service Award if you are qualified.

Title (名称):  President Volunteer Service Award

Award (奖励办法): Along with the ultimate honor of presidential recognition, recipients will receive a personalized certificate, an official pin (optional), medallion or coin (optional), a congratulatory letter from the president of the United States and a letter from the President of Points of Light and the CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Qualifications (代申请资格)
1. Must be TCS members (Teaching Assistant (TA), parents, teachers or students)
2. Volunteer hours must qualified the following:

  • TCS TA class hours which must be certified/approved by the principal or board of advisors.
  • TCS event service hours approved and certificated by principal or board of advisors.
    ○ Volunteer to help with tasks at the First day of school –> 2 hours.
    ○ Represent TCS and participate in Asian Festival and/or International Children’s Festival —>2 hour.
    ○ Volunteer to help with TCS Chinese New year event  —->2-4 hours.
    ○ Volunteer to help with TCS Moon Festival event —>2 hours.
    ○ other TCS related activities at the discretion of principal, board of advisors, or teachers.
  • TCS qualified hours is based on hours served ending on May 15.

3. The table below is extracted from 2017 information, for updated approval criteria and detailed qualification, please refer to the official PVSA site.

Award  (奖励日期):  Presidential Volunteer Service Award to be given out during closing ceremony of each school year.

Application Process (申请方式)

  1. Parents of applicants or applicants themselves will send an email to TCS Principal indicating their desire in submitting applications for PVSA.
  2. TCS will qualify the applications based on TCS documented service hours and other certified service hours from other organizations. TCS documented service hours should constitute greater than 50% of total service hours.
  3. Students can enter their hours by following this PDF instruction.
  4. Once all applicants qualification are determined, TCS will upload the service hours using pre-defined excel spreadsheet or user defined accounts to PVSA website.

Result (评审方式): 
The approval is being determined by the PVSA based on the applications submitted by TCS.