Student Code of Conduct

Subject: Student Code of Conduct
TCS – Tidewater Chinese School
TCS Board of Directors
Passed on September 6, 2015

All students of Tidewater Chinese School (TCS) have responsibilities to behave in an appropriate manner that is necessary to create an appropriate teaching/learning environment in the best interest of any individual in the school community. In addition to the applicable policies specified in the Virginia Board of Education Student Conduct Policy Guidelines, the following rules apply to all students at TCS to foster an effective learning environment and to be a polite guest at ODU:

I. Student Code of Conduct

1. Follow the directions of teachers and school authorities in TCS facility at ODU and other occasions that TCS participates.
2. On-time attendance is required for all students. Parents/guardians should give teachers advance written notice for any student absence, early dismissal, or late arrival.
3. Please show respect to the teacher and classmates. Teacher’s permission is required for leaving the classroom during classes. Any conduct that interferes with the teacher’s ability to communicate with the students in class and/or with the ability of other students to learn is not allowed. If severe disruptive conduct is observed, the teacher will ask the student to leave the room and notify the parents.
4. Except in case of an emergency, don’t activate fire alarm and/or other emergency devices in classroom and the hallway. In case an emergence situation emerges, students notify teachers, school authorities, parents or any adult nearby immediately. Activation of emergency devices intentionally without an emergency situation is a severe misconduct, and can result in suspension and/or other consequences.
5. Do not enter classrooms that are not designated for TCS.
6. Don’t run or chase in the hallway before, between and after classes. Students at lower grades need to be escorted by parents/legal guardian/personnel who is in charge of the attendance of students to the classroom.
7. Maintain school and classroom cleanliness. It’s required that student must examine the cleanliness of area used during the school time and clean up the area before the class is dismissed.
8. No vandalism, stealing or any other damage to the facility and property belonging of TCS and ODU. Full restitution by the parent/guardian is required for all damages done to school property by their child.
9. Do not leave the teaching area without permission during class time. If you need to leave the classroom for any reason, ask the teacher for permission.
10. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in classrooms. If cell phones are brought into school they must be switched off and put away during times.
11. Promptly complete all homework and participate in tests and other exams arranged by the school and teacher. Any work missed while the student is absent from school must be made up.
12. Activities are not allowed outside of the designated school area during the school period without adult supervision.
13. Violation of regulations is subject to disciplinary actions specified in next section.

II. Disciplinary actions

There are certain behaviors that warrant immediate referral to the principal to call for a parent-teacher meeting and a Behavior Management Plan. Examples of such severe misbehaviors are:

1. Activation of emergence devices intentionally without an emergence situation.
2. Chronic lying, stealing, cheating.
3. Deliberate destruction of school or personal property.
4. Verbally abusing, physically harming a student, teacher or staff member.

In a serious case where the Behavior Management Plan is implemented to little avail and the student continues to routinely misbehave, willfully disobey or defy authority, suspension or school dismissal may be applied upon the review by the school administration.

For other violations, teachers and/or TCS authorities will handle any student misconduct regarding routine problems as follow:

1st Time: Oral warning
2nd Time: Parent is informed of the inappropriate behavior. A parent-teacher meeting is required to setup a Behavior Management Plan to resolve the problem.