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此外,微信群“海外儿童学中文”集中了一批北美华人中热爱中文教育的家长,每天都有大量的相关讨论和经验分享,大家如果想加入,请联系于晓东,他可以邀请你加入这个微信群。这个微信群的讨论精华文章会不定期的在微信订阅号”海外学中文” (ABCLearnChinese)上发布,因此大家也可以订阅这个微信订阅号获得最新的相关信息。


In this webpage, we will enumerate several types of resources (book, audio, video, social network, App on smartphone and tablet, etc) that we consider useful to our students, parents and teachers in learning/teaching Chinese and understanding Chinese culture, history, geography, artworks, etc. At the current moment, most of the resources we have found have no English user interface. Nevertheless, we will keep updating these webpages, and you are welcome to send us the information of the resources that you believe being relevant to these topics. 

Disclaimer: TCS-Tidewater Chinese School and its board members are independent from and have no business interests in the owner or the corporation of the resources recommended in our website. The recommendation are purely based on the recommender’s personal experience and taste, and cannot guarantee the quality of the contents. You should exercise your own due diligence in using these contents. 

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