Schedule for last day of semester (12/17)


本学期最后一次上课是12月17日。 届时将举办达人秀。


• 1:00 pm 安装和调试音响设备。划分个班座位。
• 1:00-2: 00pm 文化课照常。达人秀预演。
• 2:00-2:15pm 老师向学生签发本学期学生的学习报告单。学生应在下学期初将学习报告单返还老师。
• 2:15-2:30pm: 进入会场(BAL 1012)


• 2:15 pm: 3楼各班进入会场
• 2:20 pm: 2楼3-4年级各班2:35 进入会场.
• 2:25 pm: 2楼2年级和2年级以下各班 进入会场

• 2:30-2:40 开场白.
• 2:40–4:00 达人秀




Dear students, parents, and teachers:

This coming Saturday (Dec. 19) is the last class day for this semester. Talent show will be hosted.

The following are the details about Talent Show:

• 1:00 pm Setup audio system; Allocate seats for each class.
• 1:00-2:00Pm Cultural classes meet as normal, Talent Show Rehearsal。
• 2:00-2:15pm The record cards will be distributed in the regular language classrooms. The record cards should be returned by students at the beginning of next semester.
• 2:15-3:00pm: Check-in at the auditorium (room: BAL 1012)

Below is the order of check-in:

• 2:15 pm: check-in all classes on 3rd floor .
• 2:20 pm: check-in 3rd and 4th grade classes on 2nd floor.
• 2:25 pm : check-in for 2nd and lower grade classes on 2nd floor.

• 2:30-2:40 Opening remarks (room: BAL 1012)
• 2:40–4:00 Talent show performance.

Pre-registration will be open outside BAL1012. Please make checks and registration forms.

Have a great holiday!

TCS Board