Skating After School on 11/26


11月26号中文学校将举办传统的感恩节溜冰活动,地址是:4915 Broad St, Virginia Beach, VA 23462。时间是下午五点到六点半。因为是真冰场地,请大家准备好棉衣。该活动对中文学校的所有学生,家长和老师免费,同时也欢迎带朋友参加。以下网址有更详细的信息:


中文学校理事会 4/20/16

TCS Students, Parents, and Teachers,

TCS Thansgiving Skating After School will be held at the Iceland Family Skating Center on November 26, 2016. The address of the venue is: 4915 Broad St, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. Time is from 5 to 6:30 PM. Please prepare for the low temperature. This event is free for all TCS families, and friends of TCS families are also welcome. The webpage below has more information: