TCS Super Talk Show Rescheduled for 4/11

Latest Development: Due to availability of the amphitheater in BAL Building, the TCS Super Chinese Talk Show has to be postponed for one more week, and currently rescheduled for April 11. The TCS Board apologizes for the inconvenience caused by change of schedule.

请各位同学,老师,家长留意! 综合考虑各种因素,今年超級中文脫口秀的时间最终确定为4月11日!

2015 Tidewater Chinese School Super Chinese Talk Show will be held in Room 1012, BAL Building on April 11, 2015. The purpose of this event is to motivate students to creatively use Chinese and to provide them an opportunity of practicing spoken Chinese. Click HERE to download the event flyer .

The eligible performances include any forms of Chinese Language performances, such as story or joke telling, mini drama, poetry recitation, crosstalk, turning tongue, etc. Singing or music performance is not eligible. However, background music may be used.

Teacher of each language class will work with students for their show. The time limit for the show is 2 to 8 minutes. Teachers please send the names and times of the performances to Principal Huang ( no later than 3/28/2015.

The performances will be divided to two age groups and will be judged separately. Group I includes the 3rd and lower grades, and Group II includes the 4th and higher grades. Performances are judged based on criteria as follow:

Technical score:

  • Time control (5 points)
  • Chinese fluency (5 points)
  • Chinese technical difficulty (5 points)

Performance score:

  • Expressions (3 points)
  • Stage performance (3 points)
  • General effect (3 points)

One first place ($30), one second place ($20) and one third place ($10) will be awarded to both groups. Participation awards ($5) will be given to all participating classes.

ODU BAL一樓大禮堂(1012)



要求:每一個語言班由老師及學生們自己編排一個秀,以中文的口頭表達為主。每个秀時间為2 至 8 分鈡(繞口令和詩朗誦可短,故事和小品等可長)。各語言班老師不晚于三月二十一日将参秀节目中英文名称和表演時间報給黄韧激Roger Huang(。



  • 時間控制(5分)
  • 語言流暢程度(5分)
  • 語言難度(5分)


  • 表情(3分)
  • 台風(3分)
  • 整體效果(3分)