Call for Nominations of New Board Member

Dear Teachers, Parents, and Students:

To ensure normal functioning and smooth transition of Board of Directors in future, the current Board of Directors decide to elect THREE new Board of Directors on June 6, 2015. The schedule is as follows:

January 17:       The BOD elected the Nomination Committee

January  23:     Announcement of the nomination committee and nomination process

March 7:          The deadline for nomination

April 4:          Announcement of the candidate slate

April 25:         Candidates’ Campaign

June 6:            General Membership Election

Two forms are attached:

The first one is the nomination form. Any member who is interested in serving our school can nominate themselves, as long as endorsed by two members (parents, teachers, legal guardian, or adult students). The other one is the candidate qualification form. The information provided will help the nomination committee to confirm the candidacy.

To ensure the smooth election, the BOD elected the nomination committee to accept nomination forms and check the candidacy. They are Yong Chen (chair), Roger Huang, Xiaodong Yu, Nianhong Chen, Rebecca Hryniewich, and Huiling Chen. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact anyone of them.

Our school is a self-governance community organization. All directors are volunteers to serve our students and teachers. We encourage any interested new member to join the management team of the school, so our school can be better!

Best regards,

TCS Board

Click to download the nomination/qualification forms: 2015_Nomination_Form





一月十七日,            理事会选出提名委员会:

一月二十三日,        向所有成员宣布接受提名

三月七日,                提名截止

四月四日,                宣布候选人名单

四月二十五日,        介绍候选人

六月六日,                全体成员会议,进行选举

随信附上两张表,一张是提名表,任何愿意为中文学校服务的成员都可以自我提名。同時需要两位成员(家长,老师,法定监护人,或成年学生)的签名。 另一张表是候选人资格认证表,所提供的信息将帮助提名委员会确认候选人资格。

为了保证选举顺利进行,理事会已在在一月十七日选出提名委员会来负责接收提名及确认候选人资格。提名委员会有陈勇(主席),黄韧激,于晓东,陈念洪,Rebecca Hryniewich,陈慧玲。如果您有任何问题,意见,或建议,请直接向提名委员会的任何一位咨询。



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