School Is Closed on May 26 and Resumes on June 2

Parents, please be reminded there is no school this coming Saturday (5/26).  If you and your family have time, we welcome you to join the celebration of the Asian Fest on that day (same location as last year’s Moon Festival at Norfolk Water Front.  For more information, see the flyer below).  Class will resume on 6/2.  If you have not yet registered for the Fall semester, you can do so on that day, and the $20 discount still applies.  If you child has a final exam on that day, please encourage your child to prepare well.  When school is finished on June 2, all parents, teachers, and students will gather outside the building for a group photo.  If you have a TCS T-shirt, we encourage you to put it on .  Enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend !

各位家长,理事会提醒您本周六(5/26)学校停课。 如果您和家人有时间,请加入我们的亚洲节庆祝(地点和去年中秋节活动一样,详情见下面的宣传单)。 6月2日,学校正常上课,没有报名的家长可以继续报名,仍然有$20的折扣。6月2日许多班级有期末考试,希望孩子们认真准备,考出好成绩!另外,6月2日放学后照全校(家长,老师,学生)合影。能穿上校服最好。 祝大家长周末节日快乐!