The TCS Board

The TCS Board is composed of 9 members elected by TCS members following The TCS BYLAWS. The eligible candidates for the Board and the TCS members are also defined in the TCS BYLAWS. We encourage parents to run for the board position. The election is held once a year at the school wide conference at the end of each academic year.

Assignment of the current TCS administrative team

姓名 English Name 职责(Duty) 電話 Phone # Email
唐虹 Hong Tang 理事,Board Director 509-528-7718
陈念洪 Nianhong Chen 理事,Board Director 410-422-1296
邵芳 Fang Shao 理事,Board Director 803-627-9301
程海容 Hairong Cheng 理事, 家长老师会长 PTA President 484-798-4782
刘巧燕 Ally Liu 理事, 会计 Treasurer 757-652-1873
马刚峰 Gangfeng Ma 理事长, Chairman of Board 302-256-3163
宋鹏飞 Pengfei Song 理事, 校长 Principal 917-690-0979
Rebecca Hryniewich 理事,Board Director 757-839-5160
李廘琼 Luqiong Li 理事, 副校长 Vice Principal 612-208-5875
Timothy Lockhart General Counsel 757-628-5582
叶金英 Jinying Ye 校务,注册 Registrar
张建民 Jimmy Zhang Advisor 757-469-7591
陈勇 Yong Chen Advisor 617-610-0983
张琪 Harry Zhang Advisor
黄韧激 Roger Huang Advisor
楚曼青 Manqing Chu Advisor
Hui-Shan Walker 校务,学生会顾问 SCA Counselor 757-575-7527

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