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Learning Chinese is not an easy undertaking, and learners usually become bored by the complexity of Chinese language. Little Chinese Channel is devoted to present you with an effective and fun approach developed by a native speaker, who who has been teaching Chinese to her two children for years. This approach is suitable for beginners, especially for kids aged 3 to 7.

Using the creatively designed Dry-erase practice workbook, Little Chinese Channel creates 46 online video lessons and each of them lasts about 4 minutes and teaches 6 Chinese characters in three different ways. In order to let kids have fun during learning, each lesson has a Play-Doh time that allows kids to play with Play-Doh while making Chinese characters. The Play-Doh time also helps kids understand the structure of each Chinese character.

website: Little Chinese Channel

video list: Little Chinese Channel Video List


Mulanting is a web based Chinese Mandarin learning curriculum designed for K-6 students. Mulanting follows the Chinese national curriculum and was developed by a panel of Chinese language teachers at prestigious schools in China and e-learning educational experts in United States. Mulanting was built over a two year period with strong emphasis on contents that are relevant to daily lives of students in United States to enable them to learn Mandarin in the context of Chinese culture to promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

website: Mulanting

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