2018 Chinese Learning Contest 第二届汉字大赛

Tidewater Chinese School and the Confucius Institute at Old Dominion University proudly announce the second Chinese Learning Contest for the Hampton Roads community!  This event will be held in the auditorium (1st floor) of the Batten


When 时间: 1-4:00pm, Saturday, May 19 (五月十九日下午一至四时

Where 地点: 1st Floor Auditorium, Batten Arts and Letters building at the Old Dominion University (45th St @Hampton Blvd).  欧道明大学BAL一楼多媒体讲堂(汉普顿大道和45街交界处)。

Who’s eligible? 报名资格

Anyone who currently attends a weekend Chinese School or a Chinese class in a public school in the Hampton Roads area is eligible. No age requirement. 汉普顿路所有城市的中文学校在校生和公立学校中文班学员皆可报名。年龄不限。Contestants must form a team of three (public school students) or four (Chinese school students) for the competition.  Ideally the team should be self assembled.  参赛选手需要自己组建一个三人(公校学生)或四人(中文学校学生)的小组参加竞赛。

Are there different levels? 竞赛分不同级别吗?

The competing team can register for any one of the three levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. 参赛小组可选择初、中、高三个级别的竞赛。

Parking 停车注意事项

Please park your car in one of the several parking garages near the BAL Building. Weekend parking in the garages are free. 车辆请停到停车楼,以防吃罚单。

How to register? 怎样报名?

Please fill up the linked form and email it to tidewaterchinese.tcs@gmail.com by April 17. 请填好表格,并在 4月17日之前发到tidewaterchinese.tcs@gmail.com。Please contact your teacher, and ask your teacher to help you form a team and/or register for the contest.

Is there a Chinese Character Word Bank? 有生词范围吗?

Yes, If you are from a local Chinese school, follow the HSK links below: 中文学校汉字比赛生词范围:初级(HSK1-2)、中级(HSK1-2+ HSK3-4)、高级(HSK1-2HSK3-4 + HSK-5),以汉字认读为主,拼写为辅。初级组不要求书写汉字,中、高级组适当加入一些常用汉字繁体字的认读。高级组可能考的成语有118个(成语)。

If you are from a Chinese class in a public school, all characters in the contest will come from here.

What if I have more questions? 还有更多问题?

Please call 917-690-0979 or 757-351-9346. 有更多问题,可以打左边的两个电话询问。